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The stories below are organized in in-universe chronological order (except the Other Works section, which has no order at all). You, of course, can read them however you like.

I do update these from time to time so as to ensure they continue to meet my standards. As such, the version you read might not be the version considered final; in fact, thanks to the power of the internet, there may never be a final version. (If I ever release anything in an eBook form, that would, of course, be different. But for now, this is a living website.)

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Steller Space

Stories about spacefaring animals, love, and building a home for the lost.

  1. Registration
  2. Consideration
  3. The Low Places
  4. Separation Anxiety
  5. Outside

Interludes from Plymouth County

Stories about a hare with a drinking problem and a librarian with a complex.

  1. Now Arriving
  2. Settling
  3. Accounting

Other Works

Stories meant to be read out of order. One offs, etc.

There's nothing here yet...but there will be.

A note on order

As I work to add the appropriate frontmatter and edit what I've archived from Wordpress, some stories may be posted out of order. I apologize for that in advance; it has to do with the way I'm editing, and, candidly? Some works are easier to revisit than others.

Currently I'm working on solving the automatic ordering of posts. I don't quite know how, though, so I'm welcome to input; feel free to hit me up if you have experience with Eleventy, Nunjucks, or (god forbid) Javascript.